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David Bruce Martin Fitness LLC

Personal Training Studio in Evanston, Illinois

David Bruce Martin Fitness LLC is a personal training studio in Evanston, IL helping individuals lose weight, gain strength, and become healthy. The owner and founder David Martin is a highly experienced trainer working with you one-on-one to design engaging exercise regimens, help with form, and ensure you are working all your muscle groups safely.

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Training for Body, Mind, and Soul

Getting fit is more than just maintaining a physically appealing body. A commitment to fitness changes an individual and leaves an impact on mental health, self-confidence, and self-worth. Taking care of health can seriously transform life. David Bruce Martin Fitness LLC is committed to providing a similar experience for a better body and soul.

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David Bruce Martin Fitness LLC

Client Testimonials

David Bruce Martin Fitness LLC

Knowledgeable Training Expertise

David Bruce Martin Fitness LLC aims to help its clients achieve deep health. This includes enhancing their social and environmental health domains in addition to physical, psychological, and emotional health. The training sessions will help the clients learn to accept themselves exactly as they are. David will collaborate to make a strategy to reach the required objectives, leaving you confident, healthy, and content.

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Client Success is Our Goal

Forming new fitness habits is challenging and frequently unsuccessful. David Bruce Martin Fitness LLC stands by the belief that healthy behaviors can help individuals achieve a better lifestyle. David will be there to constantly guide our clients, push them and take proper care in order to make sure they achieve the desired goals and objectives.

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