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Meet the Owner and Founder, David Martin

David Martin has a personal training studio in Evanston, IL. David has been working in the fitness industry for about nine years. According to his philosophy, getting active can help improve all areas of life, including physical, mental, emotional, environmental, and social. Fitness allowed him to achieve various things, like changing his career and being open to becoming a personal trainer. It has also helped him develop the confidence to attain health objectives after reaching his lowest point in life.

Improving Lives

David does not just want to show people how to work out. He wants to help his clients improve their lives and feel capable of doing whatever they want. Be it trying a physically challenging activity, changing careers, starting dating, or doing other challenging things that they didn't have the confidence to do. David’s sessions include fitness, nutrition, and wellness, and he also provides a space for clients to use the session for whatever they need.

He can also see clients virtually via a personal training digital platform at https://studio.wrkout.live/DavidBruceMartinFitness?preview=true.


Core Values

David Bruce Martin Fitness LLC stands firmly on the core values of honesty, commitment, value, and quality. David offers exclusive training sessions at low and fair prices with incredible results. He believes everyone has a unique situation and will strive to accommodate yours.

What Sets David Apart

David is a personal trainer committed to helping his clients to achieve deep health. His passion for fitness and nutrition is what makes him different from others. He guides each of his clients appropriately to ensure they feel empowered, fit, and happy.

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